How can one tell between a tree and another? Naturally, the answer lies in the trunk, the branches, the leaves and the fruit they bear. However, there is another reality hidden beneath this, since a tree cannot grow if the roots do not reach deep. And roots can’t grow deep if they’re not in good soil. It’s true that a tree is recognised by its own fruit, but good fruit implies many years of care in good soil. Fr. George Preca used to say that one does not become holy in a couple of days. Thus, a holy person grows in holiness according to how much he deepens his roots in the love of God and others, sustained by good soil.

Throughout history, several people did not only bear fruit for those few they met personally, but left fruit so that it becomes good soil for many other people. Among these, we find the authors who sought to share their knowledge with others; like something beautiful which one cannot bear to keep for himself, but strives to share it for the benefit of many. Fr. Preca left a heritage of more than 140 books and many more articles, with which he sought to help us to shape our heart on that of Jesus, the incarnate son of God. He used to love saying, “Don’t say ‘Enough’ to learning,” and it’s well-known how much we can learn through reading, especially if we reflect on what we read so that we come to know and love God and our neighbours more deeply.

Today, so many resources can come to our aid. The Society of Christian Doctrine’s lending library -SDC Library- houses over 14,000 books and a growing number of DVDs and magazines with religious themes. Topics include: Catechesis, Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Spirituality, Bible, Church History and books for personal reflection. We invite you to come, see and use this service which is provided free of charge. Now it’s up to you to drink from this well.